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a journey back to self

wellness & healing with Imogen

welcome home..

to a safe space where you can experience all things healing & wellness, taking you on a loving journey back to Self.

Energy Healing is a non-invasive & hands-off holistic technique that promotes physical and emotional wellness. Suitable and safe for anyone to partake in, a healing session cleanses, aligns and rebalances the Chakras (our energy centres), for full-body healing therapy.

The use of Imogen's psychic intuition in these sessions provides insight behind any imbalances, and gives guidance moving forward.

Having studied around the world with various teachers, founder Imogen Rae is a fully qualified Energy Healer (Reiki Master Level practitioner) as well as a Yoga & Meditation teacher (200hr YTT).

Imogen offers remote sessions in Distanced Energy Healing & Psychic Mediumship, with a focus on releasing emotions stored within the body and connecting with your Higher Self, your angels, and the spiritual realm. Sessions with Imogen can be used more regularly as an intuitive coaching service, also. Healing consistently allow us to go much deeper; releasing childhood trauma, generational pain, etc & eventually bringing through your own Psychic gifts & an ability to trust your intuition. Imogen also holds circles for breathwork, journalling, manifestations, release work, guided meditation and energy healing.

“The second I started listening to the meditation music, I suddenly felt overwhelmed in the best possible way. I didn't realise how long I'd been suppressing my emotions for and distanced healing was absolutely the best solution for releasing and healing them. After the session, I was completely blown away by how accurate and thorough Imogen was with her reading - I couldn't believe how much it resonated with me. She was so reassuring and caring throughout the whole experience, even checking in with me days later to see how I was feeling. I highly recommend everyone to try Distanced healing with Imogen, she is a natural healer and you won't be disappointed”

- Client feedback


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