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hello lovely!

so, you're thinking of a mentoring membership? we'd be so lucky to have you onboard.

have a little read below for some more information on what exactly a mentoring membership entails. or, book a free discovery call with Imogen to ask any questions or niggles you may have :)


& when you join us:

- receive a 23-page learning booklet via email, when you sign up for your mentoring plan.

- includes tips and tricks for working with energy, as well as protection and grounding rituals

- plenty of questions and prompts for you to fill out, detailing what you wish to gain from our time together 

- your membership is fully tailored to your wants and needs!


stay for as long as you like! if you change your mind - cancel free of charge, anytime

1:1 coaching & mentoring

how to work with / channel energy

develop psychic intuition & mediumship skills

learn to energetically protect yourself

how to ground yourself

receive a 23-page online learning booklet when you sign up


    Every month
    ideal for those looking to heal deeper & enhance intuition
    • 2 full body psychic energy healing & mediumship sessions
    • Enhance your intuition and psychic ability
    • Heal consistently to work on deeper pains & patterns
    • Choose your start date, cancel free anytime

    Every month
    for the dedicated healer & spiritual ascender
    • 4 full body energy healing & mediumship sessions
    • Healing frequently and consistently to progress spiritually
    • Fully enhance your Third Eye psychic abilities
    • Work rapidly over deep rooted issues & generational patterns
    • Choose your start date, cancel free anytime
    • $964 when purchased individually, saving over $265 per month
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