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Shared bedroom for 2 participants, in the Homestead building
Our best value for luxury experience. Experience the beauty of the homestead & amongst nature, but at a lower cost. 

  • A shared bedroom for yourself and one other participant, as well as Friday-Monday retreat participation, is included within the $1222 price. Your stay works out at just $611 each

  • Choice of either double-bed or twin single-bed set up

  • En suite bathroom, all to yourselves

  • Please bring your yoga mat, a block, blanket&socks for savasanas and healings, and anything else that might make you more comfortable


*Please note that the price listed is for 2 people. If you wish to have a room by yourself, please see our Private Room option instead*

  • Upon checkout, please let us know the name of your friend/partner who is coming, & if you’ll require a twin bed or double bed arrangement for the room

  • Your friend or partner doesn't need to book, as by purchasing this, you're paying for the whole room for 2 full weekend participants

Shared bedroom with en suite (2 participants @ $975 each)

  • We're so excited to have you onboard with us for this retreat! Now for the less fun, but legal, stuff...

    Since we are a small operation of just 2 women, and in order to keep our commitments to all of the vendors we're collaborating with - we unfortunately cannot offer any refunds on this purchase, eg. if you are unable to attend, or your plans change. However, you are welcome to find someone to take your place, if need be! 

    Of course, if in the extremely unlikely circumstance that Maddi & Imogen need to cancel or reschedule the retreat, you will get a full refund. (excludes circumstances of force majeure) 

    Now that's out of the way, let's proceed to checkout.. :)

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