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What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing focuses on cleansing, balancing and aligning the Chakras (the energy centres in the body). It is a non invasive technique where a Practitioner sends healing energy through the palms of the hands to the recipient. The Practitioner acts as a vessel to channel this "life force energy" from themselves to others.

What are the benefits?

Healing energetically promotes emotional and physical wellbeing, and healing sessions encourage a release of any pent up emotions. If left, these emotions can cause personality changes, triggers/reactions, or manifest as physical pain and illness in the body. Healing helps us to see situations more clearly and objectively, rather than emotionally. It helps us with overcoming painful experiences, such as heartbreak or loss. Each blocked energy centre in the body relates to different emotional and physical causes, so a well-informed practitioner will tell you what is blocking you from moving forward, and any changes you may need to make. Although we do receive wonderful feedback from clients about how our Healing sessions have eased or cured their physical and mental issues, Holistic therapy should not be used in place of professional medical care/advice.

How can it be sent distantly?

This is such a wonderful practice because an experienced Practitioner can also send healing from afar, with just a name and birthdate, or a photograph of the recipient. Often compared to Radio waves or WiFi, we can send Healing Energy by just simply "tuning in" to the client. A distanced session is exactly the same as a physical session, the only difference is that you will be in the comfort of your own home/a place of your choosing for the session.  

How often should I take part in Energy Healing?

This depends entirely on what you want from the practice. If you just want to occasionally re-align once a month or so, that's perfectly fine. Or, if you want to heal weekly/fortnightly in order to uncover deeper rooted issues, that is just wonderful too. We will continue to heal deeper with each session if you are consistent and frequent with your practice. Less frequent healings will clear through or provide relief for surface issues only. With weekly healing for example, each session will heal more deep rooted emotions and experiences. Once you are consistently clear, these sessions then deepen and uncover new layers to your intuition - pulling your own gifts and instincts through your Third Eye chakra.

Who can take part in an Energy Healing session?

The work that we do is perfectly safe and open for anyone to partake in. That includes those who are pregnant, and children (with consent from a guardian). Energy healing can also be performed on pets and animals. 

How will I feel during a Healing session? What should I expect?

You may feel hands over you (yes, even when performed distantly!), heat, tingling sensations or energy being pulled from your chakras. You may see colours, symbols, shapes, memories or visions. You could also feel and see nothing, it depends on how open you are and multiple other factors. Either way, your practitioner will still be able to conduct the healing to the same level, and get all the same intuitive messages.

What sort of Psychic Intuition do you use?

After conducting Full Body healing, we then connect with your Higher Self using Psychic abilities (the Third Eye), and ask for guidance. This same Third Eye channeling lets us see who is around you spiritually - often with the ability to see their appearance, and any visuals or words they would like to pass on to you.

Why do you recommend Meditation/Breathwork/Yoga?

In some of our most tumultuous and chaotic times, it is a beautiful gift to be able to calm the mind, body and soul. I have found that these practices do exactly that. Meditation does not have to be perfect, or carried out solo in a vast wooded space. It doesn't have to be visual at first either. But calming or reenergising the body with pranayama/specific breathing methods, encouraging movement & flow with asana/Yoga, and finding peace or insight with meditation and chanting can completely change your mood and outlook on life. 

Who can take part in a Meditation/Breathwork/Yoga class?

All of our classes are explained and guided with beginners in mind, as well as experts. So, while we welcome seekers of all abilities and backgrounds to practice with us, it is important to listen to your own needs, practice to your level of ability, and understand that only you can know what feels right for your body. Breathwork is not recommended for those with heart problems or high blood pressure, and both Breathwork and Yoga are not typically encouraged for those who are pregnant either. Always speak to your Doctor if you are unsure.

How did it all begin?

The journey began in Dubai, with a keen interest in Yoga and Meditation practices. Shortly followed by my first Reiki practitioner course, lots of self healing and self discovery came in the years after this, as well as practice with friends and family. A second level course was studied in the UK, and a worldwide pandemic encouraged me to create this community and provide healing for the collective. Now a Reiki Master Healer, in my sessions I combine the use of Reiki with healing sent through my own natural channels and a Psychic Mediumship element that I have explored and worked on, too. After studying as a Yoga & Meditation teacher came the creation of our Meditation workshops and Moon Circles (implementing breathwork, journaling, mindfulness and guided meditation with energy exchanges and chakra healing) as well as the online Yoga classes and 1-1 Yoga lessons, which all feature Energy Healing sent to you in Savasana (laid down).

The vision is...

To provide healing to the collective, promoting a natural form of emotional & physical wellbeing. Encouraging our clients to understand their potential, and develop their own gifts as a result of this healing. The dream is to create a safe space and a community where we can work on ourselves mentally, spiritually and physically with no judgements, just unconditional love. If any of this inspires or speaks to you, then - welcome Home..

Imogen x

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