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Image by Geraldine Li

Healing & Mediumship client

"Wowww, Imogen I'm only halfway through the report here now. I have tears in my eyes and I'm also smiling at the same time because it is so, so accurate! Definitely going to be re-reading this a few times to fully take it all in.

You're so amazing at what you do."

Image by Syuhei Inoue

Meditation Circle member

"That was absolutely incredible! I loved all parts of it, the breath work, journal prompts and meditation were all brilliant and exactly what I needed. When you were telling us to release what no longer serves us it felt like someone was shovelling sand out of my stomach and it was sinking into the ground underneath me"

Sun was setting down. Those magical colo

Healing & Mediumship client

"Hey lovely. Thankyou I really really felt it today. And I've just read the report. Both times you have described my grandad who passed away and we called him Papa. And I just can't believe that you have actually put the word Papa."

It is amazing what we have come to find

Healing & Mediumship client

"Could not really figure out how it was helping me in the first instance but oh my goodness, afterwards and for days I felt a different me altogether. Imogen is also so friendly and personal you feel so relaxed. Can't wait for my next session! Thank you"

Image by sankavi

Healing & Mediumship client

"Imogen gave me a Reiki treatment about 18 months ago... I felt very anxious, I was becoming someone I didn't recognise and I was suppressing a lot. After the treatment I felt very sleepy, and we talked about images we received throughout and what they could mean. I didn't really like what the images were telling me, so I put the whole thing to the back of my mind. About 24 hours later I burst into tears. So much suppressed feelings and emotion came flowing out of me. After this I started to make some life changes which Imogen had predicted to me through the images myself and her had seen during my healing.

I honestly feel like if i didn't go and see Imogen that day, the last 18 months could have looked very different. Although I had to go through a difficult healiing process, it put me where I was meant to be sooner rather than later "

Image by Javier Allegue Barros

Meditation Circle member

"Thank you so much Imogen - loved tonight, have been struggling to put pen to paper the past few days but with your guidance it alllll came out!


For me your prompts with the journaling really help because it's new to me and I struggle to think but whenever you give me a prompt so much more comes to mind"

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