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Ethereal Cord Cutting

15 minute session cutting unwanted energetic connections to others

  • 15 min
  • 88 Australian dollars
  • Remote, Online

Service Description

This session is perfect for those seeking to disconnect from any negative or unwanted loving energies shared with a specific person or group of other people. Everyone we meet and interact with, we form ethereal (energetic) cords with. When these attachments and interactions become negative, so do the cords, and they can continue to feed off of our energy. In the same way, we need to cut the cords when loving or longing for someone is no longer in our best interest. Cord cutting rituals can also be performed where you don't need to completely cut the person off and can still maintain a friendship, if that's what you wish. A session includes: ~ Choice of meditation tracks. This way we will both be listening to the same frequency of music. ~ Instructions for what I'd like you to say/think/visualise during the meditation, if you feel comfortable to ~ I will perform an Ethereal/Energetic Cord cutting (around 15 minutes), and finish by surrounding your aura with White healing light to protect your energy (Clients must prepare for a session by being caffeine/stimulant/alcohol free, as these block intuition)

Cancellation Policy

For cancellations & rescheduling, please contact at least 12 hours before the session is due to begin. Any cancellations/rescheduled bookings within those 12 hours will be non-refundable, thank you for your understanding

Contact Details

Alkimos WA, Australia

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